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  1. 4G Networks: from LTE to LTE Advanced

    4G Networks - from LTE to LTE Advanced

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  2. 4G tariffs: Russia and the World

     Tariffs determine consumer demand and key economic indicators of LTE-projects - from ARPU to terms of payback. ...
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  3. Competition analysis of VAS-services

    NEW! This analytical report presents a comparative competitive analysis of leading cellular operators in terms o...
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  4. Corporate and Private Segments of the Russian and Global VoIP Market

    J’son & Partners Consulting presents the main results of the updated research of the Russian and global...
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  5. IPTV Report, Russia, 2008-2013

    J&P provides detailed baseline data, trends, analysis and recommendations for the dynamic and rapidly emerging IPTV mark...
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  6. Mobile and Fixed VAS

    Report is in progress! The research is under development. We are accepting all the questions, remarks and proposa...
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  7. Mobile instant messaging systems as a direct threat to SMS

    Mobile instant messaging systems as a direct threat to SMS

    June 2013 J’son & Part...
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  8. Mobile VAS Customer Loyalty Report

    Report is in progress! The report will cover the questions of price elasticity of demand on VAS and the estimatio...
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  9. Mobile VAS Market Report, Russia, 2009-2012

    The report examines the current status of the market of VAS in cellular networks and market forecasts. It is based on a ...
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  10. MVNO Report, Russia, 2008-2010

    NEW! This study contains data on the current situation and tendencies of mobile virtual network operators (MVNO)....
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  11. Overview of Mobile VAS Market in Russia, 2009-2012

    The conducted research includes analysis of current situation and key trends of mobile VAS market by regions (America, E...
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  12. Value Added Services (VAS) at LTE Networks

    Value Added Services (VAS) at LTE Networks

    1. VAS definition and classification in rspect for LTE netw...
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  13. WiMAX Report, Russia, by Federal Districts, 2008-2012 (residential segment)

    Russia with a breakdown by federal districts. The report also contains information on trial and commercial launches of W...
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  14. Рынок RBT в России в 2008-2010

    Основная цель исследования J’son and Partners Consulting «Рынок RBT в России в 2008-2010 гг.» предоставление объективн...
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