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DCM Europe 2013


The company J’son & Partners Consulting, an official partner of Digital Content Monetization conference in Russia, is pleased to invite participants from Russia at the International Conference DCM Europe 2013, which will be held January 29-31, 2013 in London.


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International Conference DCM Europe 2013 is a unique opportunity to meet with more than 300 leading representatives of the film, music, television, games, sports, leading publications from around the world, including 80 key speakers from companies such as BBC, ITV, Universal Music, Penguin, Vodafone, The Times, PBS, RTE, etc.


 By invitation J’son & Partners Consulting, Digital Content Monetization Conference already visited the major Russian TV channels, content distributors, market experts and other stakeholders. More information about the Conference you will find in the attachment DMC_EU2013.pdf and this link:


 By registering through J'son & Partners Consulting as an authorized Russian partner, You can get 20% discount of the cost of participation of each delegate, a pass phrase JSON13.

In the case of the participation of 2 or more delegates from your company, we will help you get better terms.


 Please note that the deadline for the decision is limited by visa.
We will arrange for you a personal invitation from the organizer for the speedy obtaining permits to enter.


 Translation of reports of international speakers at the Russian language does not provide the primary audience is presented
American and European audiences.
Russian delegates are invited to participate for the first time.


 Our team will be happy to arrange everything at the highest level for you.

 Event program DCM Europe 2013


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Claim your 20% discount code and enter JSON when registering online


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