Dear colleagues and partners,

Are pleased to announce that the Company J`son & Partners has become an official partner of Yaware in Russia.

Yaware is an assistant business owner, convenient and effective product that automates the calculation of working time on the computer.

Installed Yaware, the company is able to control:

     Active employees on the Internet
     The use of programs that are not related to work
     Actually employed staff
     Time, the number of delays and other violations of labor discipline

By registering through J'son & Partners as an authorized Russian partner Yaware,
You get a 10% discount when paying registration system time.


To receive the discount
enter the code word JSON
registering on the website at:

Strengthen discipline and increase staff efficiency

Using the system Yaware provides:


     The high level of discipline and organization staff
     Targeted use of time
     Reducing time inefficiencies
     Remote monitoring of employees in branch offices.

At the time of the accounting system Yaware has already registered more than 1,000 companies.
The team has over 12 years of experience in developing software for the optimization of business management and e-commerce.

Start your free trial today Yaware! (enter the code JSON to get discount).
And tomorrow you'll get objective information about the work of your employees.

Details: ( Yaware помощник владельца бизнеса.odp, Yaware-Product-sheet-ru-new.pdf), and to:

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