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J'son & Partners clients are industry leaders, start-ups, investors and government institutions. This page shows some examples of our clients and sample testimonials.







“We cooperate with J&P on a number of projects relating to digital TV. Our team is thankful for the high quality of work and client service”
Vladimir Zybin, Department of Business Development, Manager of strategis development


“A big thank you for your help in making sense of the Russian Internet services market. A series of successful joint projects completed against tight deadlines illustrate the level of the J&P team’s professionalism”
Alexey Shelestenko, Associate Product Marketing Manager


“For several years now our company has been relying on J&P for data on the Moscow broadband market. Regular research, rigorous methodology with profound detail help our company to understand the market situation as it develops and succeed in the market”
Alekperov Artur, Strategic Marketing Director

“Multiregion” Group

“The J&P Capital team approaches its job professionally and is always willing to help. Time and again we had them come up with detailed financial models and project valuations. The results surpassed all of our expectations!”
Alexey Petrov, CEO Deputy


“We have been cooperating with J&P for a number of years. Our team is thankful for the high-quality research and client-driven service”
Sergey Nazarov, Vice-President, Marketing

Booz-Allen Hamilton

“Thank you for an excellent job, your consultants showed great competence, flexibility and readiness to help.”
Anna Bykova

3G Association

“J'son & Partners is a leader in Russian consultancy for 3G and mobile market analysis. J&P is a member in our 3G Association since 2002 and supports the association actively.”
Andrey Skorodumov

“Thanks to J’son & Partners good advice and analysis, I was able to set up my business quickly.”
Boris Golikov


“J&P analyzed the global technology markets for us until 2010 and beyond. This analysis was done quickly and with outstanding quality and at a good price.”
Vladimir Vasilyev


“Your recommendations show a very good understanding of the current regulatory situation.”
Yngve Haereid

AFK Sistema

“Your team showed a very good understanding of the market. A very good job.”
Oxana Kovalevskaya


“Thanks very much. I appreciate all the hard work you and your colleagues made on this project.”
Richard Greenberg

Tudno Sutton

“For several years, I have tapped into J'son & Partners analysis and industry insight, and I and my teams have always been very impressed with the quality of J&P's work.”
Peter Owen-Edmunds


“We used J'son & Partners for analysis of the financial aspects of the Russian telecommunications market. The quality of work was timely and very valuable.”
Koji Amano


“Ericsson benefited from J'son & Partners excellent consultancy support for more than 5 years. Tasks and projects were wideranging from contribution to Business Planning as well as a range of tactical tasks important for our business operations.”
Yngve Redling, former CEO Ericsson Russia; currently chairman of Russian-Swedish Chamber of Commerce


“We, at Samsung Electronics, would like to express our sincere appreciation for your market analysis for Samsung Russia.”

Government of Luxembourg

“J'son & Partners and Karl Johannesson made a very valuable contribution to the development of ASTRA satellite project.”
Jacques Santer, former president of Luxembourg and the European Commission
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