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J&P Capital acts as a corporate finance advisor and investment boutique with its best mix of deep finance skills and telecom industry expertise backed up by wide network of trusted experts and partners, develops effective investments and strategic solutions: from creating business-plans from scratch to supporting M&A deals.



Strategic business planning, financial modeling, scenario analysis

Creation of business-plans, financial models and business cases in accordance with the requirements and standards of international investors and investors of Russia  


Business plans and models audit, strategy analysis, risk analysis, business and assets evaluation

Business plan and strategy audit and amendments Analysis of financial model, forecasts and risks Investment projects evaluation Asset evaluation  


Outsourcing of Corporate Finance Service, Fundraising

Financial planning and cost management Financial evaluation Debt restructuring and refinancing Attracting financial and strategic investors  


M&A deals support, Due Diligence

Sell mandate (Documents preparation, holding negotiations with investors etc.) Buy mandate (M&A targeting, holding negotiations etc.) Due diligence  


Success stories

We assisted in more than 20 deals closed.

J&P Capital constantly cooperates with 70 investors in Russia and other countries.

J&P Capital success-story counts up to more than 100 implemented projects.


Peter Gerwe

Investor and Founder,
listed TV company)

"This is namely one of the best consultancies I have worked with.
J'son & Partners teams always do their best to meet client expectations and deadlines. J'son & Partners have performed remarkable work for my company. All has been made quickly, effectively and very professionally."

Pavel Nazarov

Senior Vice President, NRG Private Equity

"J’son & Partners exhibits the highest level of professionalism, commitment and integrity. They are an excellent corporate finance boutique as they craft win-win solutions for
both buyers and sellers."


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