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«Atlas of Internet Trade of the Russian Federation»


Ladies and gentlemen,


J'son & Partners Consulting presents a unique study on the e-commerce market of the Russian Federation Atlas of Internet commerce!


The Atlas includes:
1) Quantitative assessment of the market and individual segments with a forecast up to 2018,
    including highlighting the most promising and profitable sectors
2) Detailed information on the 250 largest online stores in Russia for all
    market segments from technology and electronics to jewelry
3) Timeline of key events in the field of Internet commerce in the Russian Federation in 2014
4) Analysis of the main trends and trends that determine the landscape of the Internet trading market
    In Russian Federation
5) Opinions and comments of recognized experts and representatives of the largest


You can now:
1) Pre-order Atlas now!
2) Place your ad in the free shortened version of the Atlas, which will be
    accessible to a wide audience!
3) Share with the market information about your project, trends and trends that
    you see in your segment, both on the pages of the free version of the report, and on the first
    industry TV channel – JsonTV


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Atlas of Internet Trade of the Russian Federation

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