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The independent review and the analysis of the business plan of the company/project using all J&P resources  includes: audit report , updating and recommendations about improvement. It is also used for the various purposes, including substantiation of financing, refinancing, estimation of cost, strategy updating, check of work of internal services and so forth. We carry out the independent analysis of risks of the company/project.
Audit and amendment of business plan and strategy
J&P Capital reveals and corrects errors of planning which frequently arise at definition of factors and vectors of development of the target market, and also staticizes and adapts existing or out-of-date plans and calculations according to current realities.
Analysis of financial model, forecasts and risks
We carry out the deep analysis of financial models which allows to estimate feasibility and reasonableness of the basic assumptions and forecasts. Our expertise and knowledge of hi-tech will provide adequacy of estimations of investment appeal of projects to realities and market trends.
Evaluation of investment projects
The evaluation of profitability of investments is based on the careful analysis of key points of operational and capital expenses and cost-effectiveness of investments, it allows to make the decision on viability of financing the project, to reduce risk of occurrence of cash ruptures at a planning stage.
Asset evaluation
J&P Capital conducts independent estimation of all kinds of property for the taxation purposes, purchase and sale, accounting reporting, etc.
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