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Business plans and the models developed by J'son and Partners Consulting have high quality and are given exclusively on a paid basis. You can order the generic business plan with settlement model for 3-5 years with the minimum losses of time and means that will provide you effective planning of business and will help to obtain the necessary credit or to find the necessary investor. Or you can fill in the form for working out the express- or the detailed business plan.
Business plans made by J'son and Partners Consulting are based on fresh results of research of the markets of telecommunications, IT and Media:
  • The deep analysis of the market and the analysis of trends
  • The analysis of the competitive environment
  • The technological analysis
  • Monitoring of the prices and products
  • The SWOT-analysis
  • The analysis of risks
  • The scenary analysis

Types of business plans

You can order the business plan:

  1. For external use (obtain credit, investments, attraction of partners, project presentation). 
  2. For internal use (estimation of efficiency of business and optimisation of management, reorganisation, analysis of risks in the situation of crisis and objective evaluation of strength and weaknesses, strategic and operational decisions concerning launching of new products and services, entry to the new geographical markets, acquisition or merge)

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