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We provide a full complex of investment services – we will prepare your company for sale according to requirements of institutional and private investors or we will find the most priority business-targets for acquisition and we will carry out their due diligence.
Sell Mandate
Preparation of the Package of investment documents. J&P Capital possesses a wide experience of interaction with investment institutes. Professionally prepared investment documents allow to simplify negotiating process with the potential investor, and also to protect interests of the company at all stages of interaction: from granting of the Investment offer till the moment of signing MOU. The client can use J’ son& Partners brand at memorandum distribution.
Work with investors. We will carry out selection of potential investors, coordinating the criteria of selection with the Client, we will prepare the long list from 20-50 potential investors  and then we initiate contacts to the chosen investors (short list) for the purpose of attraction of their interest and effective presentation of the project and negotiating.

Negotiating. J& P Capital experts can act as authorised representative of the Client in negotiations or together with the Client, carrying out negotiations. We provide a transparency of the transaction and we assist at all its stages.

Signing MOU and deal closure.


Buy Mandate
Search target. J& PCapital carries out scanning of the targets for merge and acqusition in accordance with certain criteria, gathering the preliminary survey documentation about the targets, the analysis.

Negotiating. J&P Capital possesses a wide experience of negotiation and achievements of the planned objectives of the deal. The knowledge of branch allows J&P Capital experts  to hold effective negotiations, defining risks and key factors of the deal.

Signing MOU and deal closure.

Due diligence
Due Diligence includes strict expert examination and an evaluation of object of investment to minimise the risk of investment. Due Diligence can include the technical, commercial, financial or legal direction of business.

J&P Capital provides commercial/business audit, technical checkouts and legal examination for management and proprietors of the company for various purposes, including an assessment of works of technical and building services, Services of network development, conformity to regulator requirements, estimations of market potential, conformity to the business objectives, etc.

Due diligence results  make considerable impact on definitive terms of transaction.

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