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We have enormous experience in working out of business plans and calculations of economic efficiency of projects according to standards and requirements of the Russian and international investors.

Business plan
J&P Capital team develops detailed business plans for operational activity,fund raising  and development of the strategic and current objectives of the company. At the core of business plan there is an extensive knowledge of hi-tech sphere and forecasts of market development on the basis of long-term monitoring. Our business plans reflect various strategies: technological, regional, marketing and positioning, development of organizational structure, risk-management, etc.



Financial model
J&P Capital takes into account the specificity of branch and business of clients when developing financial models. We develop models in the conditions of close cooperation with the client. J&P creates complex multiscenary models for the investment analysis with the greatest possible detailed elaboration of structure of incomes and the expenses, based on deep studying of modelled business processes.

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Express Business-plan/Financial model
Express business-plan/financial model are based on the simple linear scenario of development with minimum detalization of assumptions structure of  the project, limited to 3-years term of forecasting. Express modelling allows to quickly receive information for current solutions: management of expenses, attraction of small credits, negotiations with partners and investors, etc.



Business case
Many large companies highly appreciate our business cases because our products are individual, evident, logical, informative, structured, are creative and adapted under different ways of perception (distributing materials, presentation).

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