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JP Market Research will develop unique methodology of marketing research which will consider your concrete business issues. Our experience, hi-tech specialisation and dozens of successful projects will help you to make as much as possible effective decisions. We cover the markets of fixed, mobile, wireless communication, TV, digital devices, information technology etc.

Marketing and branch researches of any complexity

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Market research:

  1. History of occurrence and market development, geography
  2. Scoping and market potential
  3. The supply structure and demand analysis
  4. Definition of tendencies of the market (positive and negative)
  5. Segmentation, positioning of products and-or services, the player of the market:
    • Market segmentation by various significant criteria (in which number geography, a cover zone, penetration, consumption parametres, level of the expenses, the competitive environment and so forth)
    • The analysis of activity and position in the market of competitors
    • Detecting the most attractive segments of the market
    • Development of recommendations and marketing strategy of market entry, position strengthening in the market, market capture
  6. Forecasting of key parametres of market environment
  7. Definition of free or partially occupied market niches, definition of the price of (occupation) of a market niche or replacement of the competitor from it

Ratings of key players in the branch market by various criteria:

  1. by user's base (base of consumers)
  2. Level of loyalty of consumers
  3. ARPU (the average check of the consumer, level of expenses of the consumer for products and services of the player of the market)

The analysis of the competitive environment:

  1. Definition of market shares of competitors, historical dynamics of change of share distribution of the market
  2. The analysis of competitors` offerings, their appeal to consumers, migration of consumers among players of the market, motivation of such migration, definition of factors of attraction of consumers from competitors
  3. The analysis of advertising activity of competitors (used methods of promotion, images and associations)
  4. Measurements of efficiency of advertising and imidge PR of competitors in the market

Research of consumers:

  1. Consumer profile, dynamics of change of a profile of the consumer (historical research and forecasting)
  2. Dynamics of an overflowing and history of distribution of consumers among players of the market
  3. Researches of image of the player of the market among consumers:
    • Motivation of consumer behaviour concerning players of the market
    • Image of players of the market among consumers, methods of correction of image

Brand researches:

  1. Definition of perception of a brand among consumers, competitors, partners
  2. Measurement of consumers loyalty
  3. Brand in the competitive environment
  4. Brand-book testing

Advertising researches:

  1. Definition of target group of the advertising activity, adequate and successful channels and methods of advertising influence; development of a communication policy of the company
  2. Definition of efficiency of the spent advertising campaign by a number of parametres

The analysis of consumption characteristics:

  1. The experience, rate and regularity of consumption of a product and-or service
  2. Consumption volume, dynamics of volume of consumption, the factors influencing volume of consumer consumption
  3. Level of expenses for product and-or service consumption, dynamics of expenses
  4. Revealing of unsatisfied requirements of consumers and the market as a whole

The analysis of consumers preferences:

  1. Allocation of groups of the basic consumers by various criteria
  2. The analysis of solvency of separate groups of consumers
  3. The analysis of influence of separate characteristics of a product on the decision of buying

Formation of a price policy on a product and-or service::

  1. Definition of the key factors influencing price expectations of consumers
  2. Definition of the optimum price in the concrete market taking into account market conditions
  3. The analysis of competitors` offerings
  4. The analysis and working out of an effective policy of discounts, ATL/BTL instruments of influence on consumers

Testing of new products and-or services of the operator of the market from the point of view:

  1. Perceptions of the consumer
  2. Changes of share distribution of the market
  3. Changes of a consumers mass (a consumer profile (change of a social-demographic portrait of the consumer of the player of the market), dynamics of changes of expenses on products and-or services of the operator of the market and so forth)
  4. Dynamics of change of indicators of loyalty of consumers
  5. Changes of the general image characteristics of the player of the market and competitors
  6. Adequate actions of competitors

Types of researches:

For Operators
For Vendors
For Investors
For Start Up
All researches

Methods of marketing research

Quantitative researches:

  • Interrogations of consumers (B2C), Street, Room, Telephone, Internet interrogations, Hall-tests and home-tests, direct interrogations 
  • Monitoring of shops (passableness, a share of visits, the schedule of intensity of visits, duration of presence of the consumer in a point, quantity(amount) of references(manipulations) to the sales consultant, duration of average consultation, quantity(amount) and rate of buying of production in a point, consumption segmentation, a profile of the visitor)
  • Audit of production realised through retail-points

Qualitative researches:

  • Focus group researches
  • Expert interviews
  • Deep interviews
  • The analysis of publications, documents
  • Mystery Shopping
  • Methods of competitive investigation

Desk researches:

  • The analysis of publications 
  • The content-analysis
  • The analysis of databases
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