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Researches for investors

J& P Market Research offers clients of research for the decision of following problems:

1. Exit on new segments of the market

For the decision of a problem of the company-investor on an exit in region company J& P Market Research offers complex research of new segments, regions which includes the analysis of technological development of region, creation of profiles of the companies working in the given market, rating drawing up by various criteria
  • Room researches
  • Expert interviews to key players of various segments of the market
  • The analysis of the statistical data

2. Portfolio diversification

For a diversification of a portfolio company J& P Market Research offers the services for a choice of the most interesting objects for investments. For the decision of this problem we offer detailed studying of the companies working in various segments of the market, an estimation of their market potential, and also research of dynamics of development of the market.
  • Interrogation of consumers
  • Expert interviews with топ - managers of the companies of various segments of the market
  • Room researches

3. Monitoring of the target market

Monitoring of the target market assumes periodic complex research of the market: researches to an investment of investments and the postinvestment continuous analysis of an environment of the company.
  • Quantitative researches
  • Qualitative researches
  • Room researches

Types of researches:

For Operators
For Vendors
For Investors
For Start Up
All researches

Methods of marketing research

Quantitative researches:

  • Interrogations of consumers (B2C), Street, Room, Telephone, Internet interrogations, Hall-tests and home-tests, direct interrogations 
  • Monitoring of shops (passableness, a share of visits, the schedule of intensity of visits, duration of presence of the consumer in a point, quantity(amount) of references(manipulations) to the sales consultant, duration of average consultation, quantity(amount) and rate of buying of production in a point, consumption segmentation, a profile of the visitor)
  • Audit of production realised through retail-points

Qualitative researches:

  • Focus group researches
  • Expert interviews
  • Deep interviews
  • The analysis of publications, documents
  • Mystery Shopping
  • Methods of competitive investigation

Desk researches:

  • The analysis of publications 
  • The content-analysis
  • The analysis of databases
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