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Researches for operators

J&P Market Research has a wide experience of carrying out of researches for operators of cellular communication, Internet providers, operators of TV, etc.

In particular, we offer researches for the solutions of the following problems:

1. Strategy of product positioning

For working out of strategy of positioning of product J&P Market Research offers research of needs and requirements of clients, and also researches of perception of a brand and an advertising efficiency. For the decision of tasks in view J& P Market Research uses:
  • Methods of quantitative interrogation of consumers
  • Monitoring of shops
  • mystery shopping

2. The analysis of market possibilities for an exit on the new markets

  • Exit on adjacent segments of the market
  • New niches
  • Increase in number of regions of presence
For the decision of tasks in view J& P Market Research suggests clients to spend an estimation of appeal of region, to make a rating of key players in the market by various criteria, to define a share of the companies in the market, to analyse existing offers and their appeal to consumers.
For given purposes J& P Market Research uses:
  • Technique of expert interrogation of representatives of the competing companies, distributors, the companies-clients and experts of the market
  • Room researches
  • For a potential demand estimation quantitative interrogation of consumers also is used

3. Research of level of loyalty of clients

In the conditions of crisis preservation of clients and increase in their loyalty is one of the most actual problems for operators of all segments of the telecommunication market. We will help to define requirements of clients, to analyse perception of a brand and to make recommendations about increase in level of loyalty.
For research objectives of loyalty J& P Market Research uses:
  • Techniques of quantitative interrogation of clients
  • Qualitative methods of research, including method of focus groups.

4. Conclusion of a new product and-or service

We offer our clients testing of a new product and-or service, formation of a price policy, target audience definition, working out of a policy of advancement.
J& P Market Research uses the complex approach for the decision of the given problem:
  • Techniques of quantitative interrogation of consumers
  • Monitoring of shops
  • Focus - group researches
  • Room researches

The realised projects

Command J& P Market Research has spent more than 100 successful researches for operators:

  • The analysis of demand for the basic and additional services of operators of the telecommunication markets
  • The analysis of competitive circle of telecommunication operators
  • Possibilities of a diversification and development of a package deal of the telecommunication operator, new commodity markets
  • Profile of the private and corporate subscriber of the operator of the telecommunication market
  • Researches of loyalty of consumers of the operator of telecommunication services, possibilities of expansion of a circle of loyal users, имиджевые researches, etc.

Types of researches:

For Operators
For Vendors
For Investors
For Start Up
All researches

Methods of marketing research

Quantitative researches:

  • Interrogations of consumers (B2C), Street, Room, Telephone, Internet interrogations, Hall-tests and home-tests, direct interrogations 
  • Monitoring of shops (passableness, a share of visits, the schedule of intensity of visits, duration of presence of the consumer in a point, quantity(amount) of references(manipulations) to the sales consultant, duration of average consultation, quantity(amount) and rate of buying of production in a point, consumption segmentation, a profile of the visitor)
  • Audit of production realised through retail-points

Qualitative researches:

  • Focus group researches
  • Expert interviews
  • Deep interviews
  • The analysis of publications, documents
  • Mystery Shopping
  • Methods of competitive investigation

Desk researches:

  • The analysis of publications 
  • The content-analysis
  • The analysis of databases
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