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Types of researches:

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Methods of marketing research

Quantitative researches:

  • Interrogations of consumers (B2C), Street, Room, Telephone, Internet interrogations, Hall-tests and home-tests, direct interrogations 
  • Monitoring of shops (passableness, a share of visits, the schedule of intensity of visits, duration of presence of the consumer in a point, quantity(amount) of references(manipulations) to the sales consultant, duration of average consultation, quantity(amount) and rate of buying of production in a point, consumption segmentation, a profile of the visitor)
  • Audit of production realised through retail-points

Qualitative researches:

  • Focus group researches
  • Expert interviews
  • Deep interviews
  • The analysis of publications, documents
  • Mystery Shopping
  • Methods of competitive investigation

Desk researches:

  • The analysis of publications 
  • The content-analysis
  • The analysis of databases
Geography: all cities and regions of Russia, CIS
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